From the road-side parking area carefully cross the road and walk along the path at the side of a residential fence, over a small bridge (worth a look around) and into the reserve.

There are 3 lagoons - Monk's, Prior's and Bec's. Each of them can be viewed by means of 3 hides and 4 viewing platforms (VP).
Surrounding hedging and fields provide further opportunities for birding. The sea wall enables limited sea watching.

The route through the reserve is a there and back one, from the entrance to the sea wall or avocet hide and back. Please take note of the restriction notices about access on the sea-wall and beyond the avocet hide.

During wet weather, especially winter, the track around the reserve can get very muddy and difficult. Wearing wellingtons or equivalent is advised.

There is disabled access to each of the hides but getting to them can be very difficult during bad weather conditions.

This lagoon can be viewed from the Curlew hide (first hide), Redshank platform, the Greenshank hide and the Lapwing platform

This lagoon can be viewed from the Lapwing, Snipe and Marsh platforms, and the Avocet hide.

This lagoon can be viewed from the Avocet hide and distantly the sea-wall.

Goldcliff lagoons